Why These 3 Traits in Entrepreneurs Drive Economies and Shape Communities

Why These 3 Traits in Entrepreneurs Drive Economies and Shape Communities

Today, we may be witnessing a growing number of entrepreneurs like never before triggered by low cost Startup’s, growing markets and attractive work lifestyles. These individuals are becoming more understood as people that seek out a business venture in pursuit of an opportunity with a goal of capturing its value. The values produced are highly linked to the traits of those entrepreneurs and here are 3 that seem stand out…


Entrepreneurship is Driven Without Borders

An entrepreneur is quite often more aware of its business environment and will not be constrained by resources at hand. They will seek out solutions near or far and find resources along the way. This is because they are opportunity driven. In the same way, entrepreneurs tend to be looking over the horizon even while something is at play.


Because of this, they are good at seeing when older business models or markets are collapsing or not solving the problems for arising needs in business. In this sense entrepreneurship is about stimulating business growth both locally and abroad because of its agile approach to acquiring resources needed to satisfy the venture.


Entrepreneurs Move Fast Towards Opportunities

Another interesting trait of entrepreneurs are their ability to move fast on something foreseeable. Because they are on the constant look out in business, they are the ones they will see the differences, the changes, the missing parts before someone else and, they will act quickly to take action.


This trait is also very clever in that entrepreneurs tend to be first in rather than late to show up when trends emerge. This puts them up front when it comes to delivering new solutions in society; they are quick to deliver to the markets something new. If your business is larger at scale, this type of ability to act can be shared within a business culture. An Intrapreneur is an employee of a business that can enjoy the same action orientated habits to bring forth innovation and great solutions for new product development.


An Entrepreneur Builds More with Less

When it comes to resources, entrepreneurs look very closely at their returns on assets. Before they commit to more resources such as money, they will try to squeeze out as much as possible with what resource they have. And, at the same time, this business mindset tends to be less committed to resources and a little more agile.


Moreover, at times of market changes, an entrepreneur can switch quickly to different resources like a supplier for example. This trait is much more dynamic that other forms of organizations that tend to take on massive resource usage and move very slowly to changes in markets. The entrepreneur’s ability to move fast in the playing field is what can also shift our economies in an upswing.


You may be an entrepreneur with an aspiration of building a small business at home or working on something that has a bigger impact in mind. Regardless, this is a big part of what entrepreneurship is. These traits enable amazing values into communities and play a large part in driving our economies forward.


Because of entrepreneurs and quite often the intrapreneurs within the teams, we get fresh market solutions. Most new businesses start with a seedling and entrepreneurs planting that seed. Not all grow, but, a great many do. Without them, we would have nothing new growing over the horizon. Entrepreneurship is what gives our societies and our economies a means to move in different directions and, hopefully forward for the better!


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