This Online Technology Will Enable Mass Market Growth for Online Business

This Online Technology Will Enable Mass Market Growth for Online Business


If you are currently running an online business or considering the idea, its’ important to periodically take a moment to visualize technology from historic to futuristic possibilities! It’s no doubt that many would agree that technology changes fast. But, its’ not the speed of change thats’ important. Instead, it is the degree of impact that you need to pay attention too! To this, there is one emerging technology that possesses a potential impact that can open new markets at a massive global scale. Here’s an opinion and prediction on the topic…


Blockchain from Seed to Growth

Blockchain is a technology that has been a seed in the ground over the last decade and may finally be taking root. It started with simple storage of wealth projects and has emerged to include ways to solve community problems at large around the world. Such projects include improving supply chains and lowering the costs of e-commerce.


At its core, its benefits include things like transparency and a more direct ability to execute agreements between parties; trade if you wish! Transparency is important because currently on the commercial internet, when a transaction is made it is usually processed and stored in 1-2 locations with one company or in your case within your computer. If you create a word document and send it to someone, technically it is not an original; rather it is a copy. When we send data to others online in this traditional sense, we are sending copies; never originals. This presents problems at many levels of business such as a deed.


With blockchain technology, all blocks or data that are pertinent parts towards a contract are originals. Each copy is stored within nodes that, as example, can be strategically spread across the world. This would make it very difficult to alter contracts and gives people more peace of mind that they have access to originals in many different places. Each major step is recorded as an original.


It also has forms of governance. Governance is setup ahead of time within the blockchain community. A community of people arrive to governance rules to bring about actions in the best interests of all stakeholders. This may include a rule that 20 nodes must accept and agree with the actions set out in a transaction. It may also include rules that can stop transactions that need a more detailed look or reversal if needed. More, governance is not just about the transactions itself, but, it includes rules of how the community may decide on new features within a blockchain application.


This transparency is an advancement to trust and ownership and what enable us to more safely conduct commerce at greater lengths. It is at the core of advancements in trade. It is also a means to build communities in a more honest sense. the governance is a brilliant way of doing things more efficiently in both time and substance with trade.


Transactions and Financial Storage of Wealth


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Traditionally, we have been at the beck and call of large banks. For international transactions we have wires with costs or around 20-30 dollars and processing times that take around 10 days. Often these transaction go through multiple intermediaries.


With blockchain, contracts are built with original transactions into a blocks stored on nodes that may or may not include KYC (identification accounts) depending on the nature of the contract. So, say, as example, you want to send money to a friend from the USA to Japan. In a blockchain wallet, you could simply make a few entries including a code address of person receiving funds, click enter and then within minutes receive a confirmation of completion.


The innovation around this is no intermediaries, original copies on record, fast and cheap. So how does this impact new markets for online business? Well, believe it or not, there are a lot of people around the world that do not have access to traditional banks as many people do. They do not have bank accounts and they do not have credit cards. This restricts them from doing business outside their circle of commerce. This then, is a massive game changer in commerce. It enables the unbanked to access a wider variety of solutions from those producing products and services online which could range from educational to retail products.


Online Business: Emerging Wealth in Upcoming Markets

In thought of wealth growth, blockchain efficiencies are mind blowing. In the case of wire transfers, what if we took out the 25 dollar transaction and replace it with a 30 cent transaction? This is what blockchain is doing and more. With such efficiencies in the money flows, many blockchain projects are now offering people returns to stake or lock-up their tokens on applications. This storage of value is then put to work to in ways that generated rewards.


A simple example could be an application that offers travel service. The user needs to access tokens to use the service. These could be your tokens. When the service is complete, you received additional tokens in return. Moreover, there are many different examples. Though, a favourite among many would be the annual percentage return. Currently, there are many applications offering returns of 20-30 percent. This is big when compared to traditional banks offering closer to 1% these days or negative returns in parts of Europe.


This again present a case for this technology. As a case for wealth building, blockchain is enabling positive returns and potentially safer storage of values when we consider cash burn of credit cards and risks of holding certain fiat monies.


Blockchain Wallets

We mention blockchain wallet earlier. Similar to a physical wallet, a blockchain wallet is also for storage of values referred to mostly as tokens. The tokens are what are used for exchanges during contracts. This could be used for investment, for using a blockchain service such as a marketplace software, for donations or even for transferring value or wealth to family or friends.


With that in mind, blockchain technology offers people a means to store and transact units of values. What is most important about this is that people will not be obligated to wait on business hours or third parties to do what will with the own assets. In this sense, when it comes to commerce, this removes that past constraints of the unbanked and it also opens up the window of time for when we wish to manage such storage of values or wealth.


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Get Your Eye On This Technology

On the whole, if you are working within online business or planning to do so, there may be a wealth of reasons to keep your eye on this emerging technology sector. If blockchain continues to advance as it is, massive populations will open as consumers and these consumers will have the ability to increase standards of living and in combination wealth. These are important factors collectively with the tools of commerce, specifically Ecommerce.



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