How Does Access To 60 Million Songs Sound?

Amazon has really become a big part of our online experiences these days from electronics, home products and music too! Amazon Music is not a new service and in fact it was launched in 2007; however, today it has an even greater music experience to offer its users!


Access to songs downloads: The variety of music downloads continues to impress with Amazon Music. At this point its platform offers access to 60 million songs downloads; incredible! Its categories are widespread and depending on your music taste, you can access music by year, categories, new releases and recommended; based on music interests. Furthermore, you can expect top artists from major music labels such as EMI, Universal, Warner, and Sony BMG, as well as many independents to provide this a music platform with high quality and variety. What a great resource to support that work life balance!

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Music App Navigation

The Amazon Music platform seems really smooth to navigate especially with such a large capacity of songs downloads to choose from! We like its overall user experience and front end design. The flow of content seems to accommodate a range of solutions and the simple things you would want such a music platform to perform.


Personal Storage: Cloud Music or Device

Having access to cloud music for your songs downloads is really a bonus these days. If we think back to the days of when people had music disks stored in a box or such, cloud music access really removes the clutter and lets you have a lot more access to music to enjoy. Cloud music is an online system that gives you fast organized access to your massive library of songs without the need to worry about storage space.


Moreover, for the times where you may be going off grid as with a vacation or simply holding an event outside away from the Internet, you can also download music to a device for later use. In this way, Amazon Music still values your offline needs.

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Online Songs & Memberships

The cost of this music platform could be said to be amazing as well. For monthly cost similar to an album 10 years ago, people can access millions of songs whenever they want. Who would have thought! With Amazon music and its memberships such as the unlimited version, you can sign up as an individual or family.


Recently, Amazon music was offering over 50 million songs in high definition plus many songs are in ultra high definition. This music list is surely to grow with lots of new online songs being added. Yet, we can enjoy so many past generations of music as well! There is definitely music to be discovered for all types of music interests!


All in all, this music platform seems real cool with great quality and access to a lot of music and with a cost that seems really great for many people to enjoy. Try Amazon Music today!

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