VPN: How Virtual Private Networks Improve Online Privacy, Security & Performance

VPN: How Virtual Private Networks Improve Online Privacy, Security & Performance


A lot of hype is created around internet security, thanks to thronging cyber thefts that are inundating and threatening our data security. To break this vicious cycle, new technology has been introduced in the market known as a VPN, short for virtual private network. The technology disguises your online identity and lets you establish a safe connection between your device and the internet. You can think of it as an invisibility cloak or an illusion from reality that keeps your information safe from intruders and third parties involved in tracking and mining data.


How does a VPN work to offer you enhanced security?


To begin, online devices such as your laptop, smartphone or internet router each have unique internet protocol address (IP’s). Being hooked up to the internet is one thing but being able to send requests and receive information is another. IP’s help with a smooth information exchange process and instruct where data should go.


It’s like giving someone a written note to deliver (download) building supplies to your home (your IP); 1) they understand your message and 2) they know where to deliver the goods. The same is true for sending data (upload) over the internet, except, just think of your-self as the supplier this time!


Furthermore, your data is routed to or from an internet or data service provider when you use the internet with traditional networking. Now, let’s dive into what a VPN does


A VPN routes the traffic (data) to the VPN server. It ensures that when you are searching the web, it appears on the VPN servers, not the phone or laptop. Once the VPN masks the IP, your data becomes much safer from the hands of intruders, third parties, or anyone who without consent wants to keep track of your data or online work activities.


Multiple benefits provided by Virtual Private Networks


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A VPN helps you become anonymous online. Consider the image above. Imagine that you are on one end behind the image while a friend is on the other end on the opposite side. You then begin to send each other messages back and forth. Normally the abstract barrier would not be in between your networking activities and several people could watch your exchange and from time to time capture the data. When it comes to our online data, it just makes more sense that some activities are simply done peer to peer and with some layers of privacy; wouldn’t you agree?


Without a VPN, anyone can easily trace your online identity without much trouble, thanks to IP. Since the IP address of every service provider is unique, it reveals a lot about your online behavior. Your VPN masks the IP, when you choose, and prevents information theft.


Virtual Private Networks can hide your IP address

The internet traffic is re-routed to the external server, and this makes it difficult to track your online activities since it is not available on the IP address.


Virtual private networks have strong encryption protocols

The VPN technology has strong encryption protocols that make reading and intercepting data very difficult preventing back actors from entering your online space and devices.


Enjoy safer public browsing

Using public networks is risky because different users are using them, including hackers. Without a VPN, they can easily access your data and steal it or imbed codes for their benefit. A VPN gives you layers of protection from back-hat hackers. In contrast, there is an emerging talent of good hackers (white-hat) too which help build strong VPN’s.


Prevent data throttling

Certain websites don’t get downloaded as fast as they should because the Internet Service Provider, which has administrative control over your network, slows them. The VPN can thwart sluggishness and prevents anyone from seeing your searches.


What are the different VPNs and its uses?


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A virtual private network is not a one shoe fits all. There are several types of VPN’s to fit a range of needs between personal and business uses. Doesn’t it make a lot more sense that we are in more control of direct data exchanges with whom we choose? Let’s go over these one by one…


1. Remote access VPN: The most commonly available VPN uses a remote server to connect to a private network. A remote VPN creates a virtual tunnel between the user device and the private network to route the user’s data. The data moving through it remains safe due to encryption technology.

• Suited to
This kind of connection is suited for personal use as they are easy to install and use.

• Benefits
The remote VPN helps you to go beyond the geo-blocks and gives you access to restricted content with less hassle.


2. Site to Site VPN

This kind of technology is used by large organizations where multiple users use shared resources to access the data.

• Suited for
It is suited for large organizations. Companies with different branches use it to connect from one branch to another. It is ideal for offices that are located at geographically different locations.

• Benefits
The communication made through this VPN is safe, and you can easily secure access data even when you are at a geographically distant location. The connections are available in two types-intranet and extranet-based VPN. The intranet-based VPN technology connects two different LAN networks to WAN. The Extranet-based VPN helps the user to connect and share data with different firms.


3. Client-to-server VPN

The encrypted service technology restricts the third party from viewing your searches so that your data security is not compromised. It creates a VPN tunnel for the protection of your data.

• Benefits

This kind of VPN technology is very fast and helps you to access the data while sitting amidst an insecure public WLAN network. As the connection is encrypted, it does not let the third party gauge your searches.

This VPN service allows the user to access the data and resources universally. The employees can easily connect with the client via VPN and work remotely while making others think they are at the office.


4. Peer-to-Peer VPN

The service is available for peer-to-peer network connections.

• Benefits
The peer-to-peer VPN service is useful for searchers finding the files on the P2P network. People use it because it accelerates the file downloading process and can create copies of it. The server can help the users to locate the files and create connections.


You would likely have more questions especially when faced VPN provider packages since the above can be a bit technical. Let’s bring forth some questions that may come to mind.


For personal use, it’s common that the type of VPN architecture will include either Remote Access or Peer to Peer. If you are getting into VPN Business Products, the basic versions often have a Remote VPN and then if you want increase usage benefits as with Client to Server, then you may be required to get into advanced package plus a license use for a Dedicated Server.


Furthermore, keep in mind that these software data solutions integrate with your devices; not your modem. So, don’t get confused with this. Sometimes people will ask if their modem will work with the VPN. The answer at this time of writing is normally not. You simply take your modem out of the equation; unless you are a company that needs to custom tailor stuff! But, for this conversation, let’s keep it simple. The solutions are carried out within your devices and the VPN service. This is why it all works when you are on the go too!


Are VPN’s for everyone and why should you consider it?


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Anyone can use this technology. However, many journalists, researchers, lawyers, cyber security experts, or anyone who doesn’t want their activities to be tracked uses it often. If we look into statistics, it would not be surprising that over 50% of the US population has been using different types of VPN’s.


The Global VPN Usage Report estimates further state that in 2020, 45% of the internet usage happened through this technology. Many people understand the values of this technology for their work life balance and overall productivity; the market always has last word on product and service values.


When the internet was in a nascent stage, everyone could track the online behavior of different people. Then came the VPN or virtual private network. The technology masks the user’s IP address, preventing bad actors from tracking the user’s activities online. It lowers the chances of data theft, crimes, illegal torrents, etc. It is for this reason VPN has become a must for your online activities. Here are some reasons why VPN is a must.


• The encrypted technology helps the user to more safely and securely browse the web.
• It breaks the geographical barriers and lets you search with more freedom (consider learning topics as example).
• It builds more respect into your online privacy, building layers of privacy when it comes to your online behavior.


Top VPN: NordVPN as a trusted solution


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Today, your digital identity has become a new identity, and to protect it, you need revolutionary VPN solution. Like all technology developments, its’ important to find and source solutions that have a track record with strong teams and technologies that are continually growing with changing conditions.


To this, NordVPN comes with strong foundations and is a favourite among VPS’s. This VPN service protects your private information, including passwords and debit and credit details. It is available for one device or multiple devices for personal and or business applications. With NordVPN, you can enjoy several benefits:


• Secured data internet connections at home or abroad.

• Enjoy safer connections to online websites, videos, or apps.

• You can start browsing data anonymously through its encrypted tunnel technology.

• Your NordVPN will automatically disconnect from the internet if your VPN connection is lost. It is done to protect your vital information; pending your settings of course.

• The company provides no log VPN facility, which means they will not track your online data or keep a log of subscribers’ internet searches.

• They don’t sell your data to a third party.


Some paid VPN service providers may promise to keep your online presence secret but don’t offer requisite features like no log. NordVPN is a community and company that you can count on without the sneaky small print.


Virtual Private Networks: The Bottom Line


A VPN has grown to become a tool for freedom and productivity. The Internet itself was built with the vision of freedom to access data and with freedom to share data. So, in this sense, think of a VPN as a tool for good. The greater our privacy and security; and browsing speed, the more great things we can learn and build; in our personal lives and in business for others. We hope you enjoyed this topic and that it may provide values to your online experiences.



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