Better Writing: One of the Best Writing Apps for Content Marketing

Better Writing: One of the Best Writing Apps for Content Marketing


An important part of online business success involves better writing — after all, content marketing is at the heart of online business! When writing for an online business or e commerce, our efforts are mostly directed towards content marketing. For instance, your written content might be a blog or business articles, individual pages, social media, or even things like packaging and branding messages. This brings us to the question of how to write effectively for content marketing. That said, we will have a look at foundations of writing, a framework, and finally, one of the best writing apps.


Foundations of Writing for Target Markets

There are great resources when it comes to the foundations of writing. For the practice of authorship, one favourite is The Little Brown Compact Handbook which has multiple editions. This handbook is great for achieving better writing results. You can improve on written foundations such as clarity and style and sentence parts and patterns etc. Furthermore, a good composition requires developing a style appropriate for your audience and purpose.



When your written style fits like a glove with your target market, you will have asked yourself the right questions. For instance, are you writing for a broad audience, or do you need to sharpen your focus? With this in mind, market segmentation may evolve from questions such as what are their attitudes, personalities, and age groups.


In the process of writing for business, you could even look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to write content marketing slogans. Consider these two examples… A pro sports video product slogan says “I feel like a pro” versus a sunscreen product with a message, “most recommended by skincare professionals”. Where would you place these on Maslow’s hierarchy? One to self-actualization while the other to safety?


Grammar, in this case, helps us form written structures that are more fitting to our specific audience! Should your composition be more exciting, more precise, more serious, informal or formal, etc.? Foundations of writing enable us to communicate effectively to our target markets and are highly important for successful online marketing. Referencing the foundations of writing while crafting marketing content will help you capture more interest and lead to better writing.


How To Better Writing…

Even the most gifted writers have frameworks for building captivating stories. Similarly, to write effective marketing content, we need to break away from writing habits that lack captive and valued composition. Consider the following framework: Placement, Topics, Audience, and Purpose.



First, define where (on your blog, in a thanks card from a product package, etc.) your written content will be. Next, narrow down writing topics that would fit your marketing content; and interesting for you. Now, decided on your writing structure by thinking about who will read your content. Lastly, nail down your main reason for communicating something. In this case, it may be to entertain, to share feelings or ideas, to explain, or persuade. This little bit of composition structure can make a world of difference to produce marketing content more frequently. And then, thinking more precisely about your audience can inspire to new marketing opportunities.


Leverage Your Writing With One of the Best Writing Apps

With frameworks and foundations of writing read to go, the only thing stopping us is the process of writing itself. To begin, it’s just important to write within some elementary structures without getting technical. It’s ok to be messy, and it’s imperative not to get hung up on perfection. You just want to write fast to get your thoughts out, as if you were practicing a draft in front of your target markets.


Next, you can write with more precision. To craft a final draft fast and precise, you can make use of writing apps. Grammarly is a favorite among the best writing apps and is highly advanced for building smooth and effective written communications. Its AI-powered writing assistant can quickly show you how to improve composition for words, phrases, and sentences to correct your writing purpose, intended tone, and such. Writing apps are highly beneficial for online origination and one of the key success factors for content marketing ROI.


For instance, if sentences are too wordy or have more than one idea within, it can be hard to understand, and a reader may quickly move on. When writing on social media, we are often limited to a maximum amount of written characters. Grammarly will help you edit fast. Its concise feature could help you convey the same message within half the words. With a wordy sentence, it can show you different sentence structures that you can choose from.


Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!


Additionally, Grammarly has other useful tools, such as the plagiarism checker. If you are writing online, it’s beneficial to know how to check for copied content. When outsourcing writing, this is one way to check for genuine writing. It can also tell you if other websites have copied your articles. For growing your organic traffic, its’ most important that your content is authentic. Origination is best for search engine ranking results and stands out with audiences!


Further to this, search engines can apply up to 8 algorithms when searching for useful online content for its readers. Factors for ranking your organic online content includes smoothly written information. Although, one could also argue that, yes, you still need to be a bit flexible or imperfect when applying keywords and phrases from your keyword market research. A little bit of imperfection also helps search engines understanding what your content is about. Search engines will sense the feedback from readers; hence, it is important to have written content that will capture your readers from start to finish.


When exploring Grammarly, you quickly see there’s a lot of different “how to improve writing solutions” to communicate more effectively in your origination of words and thereon to your target markets. The smoother the communications, the more likely your audience will remain captive to your marketing content and then to your purpose. Considered one of the best writing apps, Grammarly’s growing popularity supports the continuous innovation needed for the origination that goes into content marketing and effectively grabs audiences!


Three Takeaways for Your Online Business Writing

To improve written communications for content marketing, you cannot sway away from the basics. Its’ still important to practice within well-known writing foundations. This includes having an academic handbook nearby and a quick reference to a writing framework that you can follow.

And then, the best origination of words is from those that have skin and heart in the game. Your best writing content arrives from being interested in a subject and taking the initiative to learn more about how topics can provide value to your markets or audiences.

To an end, as an investment in your online business success, being able to put out marketing content fast and precise is important. It helps if you have a frequency in your writing from better writing foundations. To do this, consider writing apps; Grammarly. Written communications for online content are fun and exciting if we keep foundations in mind, invite a little structure, and leverage in the process.


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