Transform Your Smartphone for Photography to Enhance Marketing Pics

Transform Your Smartphone for Photography to Enhance Marketing Pics

The Smartphone for photography has become a popular choice for capturing amazing personal and digital marketing pics. It took some time for smartphone photography to reach the quality it is today. Over the past twenty years, dedicated cameras have advanced a lot as have Smart Devices. These smart devices have been highly adopted for finding information, communications and creativity! Naturally, a smartphone and photography go hand in hand since you would be taking your cellphone almost anywhere you go!


DSLR versus Smartphone

Before we get right into the present, let’s give a lot of respect to the traditional cameras. To this day, there is a lot to be learned from what SLR offered (film cameras). For those experienced with the older cameras with film and ability to shoot in manual mode, they have an upper hand to understand things like controlling light and exposure time. Then, DSLR, was an amazing step from there. With its digital capacities and memory cards, no longer did you need to wait for the dark room results! Digital or not, these cameras taught people to have an eye for photography.


Moreover, a decade ago, I don’t think we’d be talking too much about DSLR versus Smartphone. But, times have changed a lot. Although DSLR has its place for professional photography; so does the smartphone for both personal and digital marketing pics. Furthermore, as the digital camera was advancing and replaced the flim cameras, another camera was entering the scenes; the smartphone! Today, this smart device is highly advanced as a camera with amazing quality capable of DSLR photo quality and this is why there is a Smartphone versus DSLR comparison.


Smartphones with Best Cameras

The smartphone has become so advanced over recent years as a powerhouse of a computer, phone and camera. Just how good could a smartphone’s camera be? Although launched in 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S-20 Ultra remains one of the most blazing hot tech devices of this era. This smartphone has a camera with a 108MB image sensor, 8K video and up to 100X digital zoom – wow! Furthermore major brands such as Apple and Samsung continue to advance with new generations of devices, but the Galaxy S-20 Ultra remains a favourite!


online photography training smartphone tricks marketing images


Now, those of us experienced with photography know that taking pictures is a very creative process. Many that are experienced in photography take a picture with the tricks of the camera and the creative eye of the photographer. So, you may be wondering how detailed and creative can you get with smartphone photography?


Learn Smartphone Photography from Renegade Photographer

With creativity and quality in mind, we came across some jaw dropping photos from Carl Hartman taken from a smartphone! This led us to his very awesome smartphone photography course called Phone Photography Tricks. Carl Hartman is considered a Renegade Photographer that holds a lot of experience in and around photography as well as editing and producing at Universal Studios and PBS. We love this program and the types of creative experience that Carl brings into the smartphone photography course. 


This is a great inexpensive smartphone photography course that enables you to take advantage of your true creative potential with extensive smartphone photography tips. This training program by Carl Hartman gets into the base level photography tricks with the camera itself and then goes into great details about how to capture really cool images with different setups. Turn dull images into photos that are attractive with life. Get really creative to make your photos jump out for personal use, and; with respect to online business, create compelling content for webpages and marketing campaigns.


For those involved in Online Business, photos are a very important part of your business marketing activities that present a message about your brand. If you are into articles or blogging, quality photos enrich the value of your brand stories. For those selling products online, digital marketing pics are super important for advertising on and off websites.


smartphone camera online marketing photos tricks


SmartPhone photography classes are growing in popularity for all photography including online business. If you spend a little time looking around this smartphone photography course online to see the examples, you will discover a lot of tricks and added quality that can be captured with our Smart Phones. These added photo values can make a big difference in capturing audiences with online content and its’ always rewarding to see how images can transform into something truly great as a result of a few tricks!

photo tricks smart phone online marketing


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