Here’s What We Learned From This Webinar Software

Here’s What We Learned From This Webinar Software

Webinar software is a great asset today, with more people adapting to remote work requirements and, in other cases choosing the online business lifestyle. Either way, this type of software can be used in many different ways but, it mostly comes down to coming together with teams or presenting to an audience.


Whether you are gathering online in collaboration with a small group to work through a project or hosting a webinar; a paid webinar, both situations use a range of tools for sharing and collaborating on subject matter. One such webinar software that captured our attention is ClickMeeting and here is what we learned…


Growth of Webinar Software

ClickMeeting is a Webinar or Web Conferencing Software that has been around for around 10 years. It started as a small product of GetResponse and was so successful in its growth that the product spun off into its own entity around 2017. GetResponse is very well known and has a reputation for producing high-quality marketing software. It’s no wonder that ClickMeeting shares such success factors and benefits for its users!


Simplistic Webinar Apps

One of the first things that jump out to ClickMeeting reviews is its simplicity. This is among webinar apps that seems super easy to get started and into the process of creating and execution. If you have not used webinar apps before, the experience from this Webinar application builds on high productivity right from the start. This also speaks to outstanding user experience design. The flow of the content tools is great, which enables an enriched outcome. Whether you are working with a team and collaborating within its whiteboard or setting up a paid webinar as a means to hosting a webinar, the setup and workflow are really nice — as you would surely want webinar software tools to be.


Feature Rich Interactive Software

Next, this interactive software is feature-rich, and there are many available options as a webinar platform for use. Features include paid webinars, sub-accounts, multi-users, whiteboards, and if your current plan has a limitation for a specific event, you have the choice of several add-ons. In comparison, similar applications offer few features but have integration to other software types such as office 365. The downside of integrations is that you are going outside of the application to get it. Having a feature-rich application such as ClickMeetings has advantages of time, simplicity, and cost.


Software Quality in ClickMeeting Reviews

The Most Affordable Meetings On The Market

The quality of ClickMeetings features holds high standards. First, the individual applications have an immaculate look with simple navigations thus, this software has done a good job with front-end design and user experience. It also has a knowledge base section for guidance on getting started and for other things like tips to get the most out of your webinars!


When you are in a meeting, this webinar platform’s layout feels really interactive for those in a discussion. If you are putting on a paid webinar, a question period can enable a high-quality person to person interaction online. The quality of tools such as the whiteboard is fantastic too. When working with a team, you can designate others to host a webinar with a fresh whiteboard to muster through problems, ideas, and add-on attachments to visually convey actual work with critical thinking among teams for enhanced results.


If you are working remotely with teams or have aspirations to share topics online within an audience, ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar platforms on the market. We like its simplistic and highly interactive experience, the central feature-rich package specific to interactive software needs, and offers good pricing to start and grow.


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